Unlocking the Future

Architects and developers must always be forward thinking. The structures they create need to serve populations for generations. As the COVID-19 crisis impacts our lives, the building industry, along with everyone else, is rethinking priorities.

Post-pandemic changes we will see to the design and installation of doors will include more touchless technologies. Cleanliness is now as meaningful as security and as valuable as durability. We are already seeing this incorporated into planning and purchasing.

  • Metal keys or electronic door locks could be seen as insufficient when we can gain secure access by waving a fob.
  • Body temperatures can be captured utilizing sensors, thermal cameras and displays.
  • Materials and cleaning processes will be reevaluated for antimicrobial effectiveness.

Best Door Supply partners with top security technology companies to be on the cutting edge of building industry innovations. When it comes to change, our doors are open.

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